Aeolus Coffee Table project

Aeolus is characterised by a rigorous outline. In reference to the geometry of Plato, the ‘changed’ symmetrical polygon, is emerged from a search for essence and harmoniously unites structural tensions and the fluidity of the lines. The Platonic Solids were introduced by Plato in his work Timaeus, in which all then known forms of matter—earth, air, fire, water, and ether—are described as being composed of five elemental solids. Octahedron is connected with the element of air, as its minuscule components are so smooth that one can barely feel. The name describes the design references as in Greek mythology, Aeolus [Ancient Greek: Αἴολος, Aiolos], was the keeper of the winds and king of the island of Aeolia.

Our interest in platonic solids derives from the obsession with beauty found in geometry. The first -of five objects- demonstrates how these forms can fulfill the basic needs of someone inhabiting a space. This architectural approach to furniture design incorporates absolute geometric forms into versatile objects of daily life. The aim was to create such a piece, which, besides the demands of everyday use, can become the central element of a place.

Construction: Nipo Woodwork
Photography: Yannis Zindrilis


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