Apartment Renovation project

The preexisting condition of the house included irregular, non-functional and untapped areas. Thus, the initial and significant gesture of the design process was the reorganization of the layout and the rearrangement of the main daily functions to an open plan. The new open L shaped kitchen is now situated next to the dining area and is visible from the entrance. The fireplace is preserved at its initial place, nevertheless is transformed from an old-fashioned element to a contemporary composition made of light green wall paint and metal details.

The apartment is brightened by the color scheme. With white color being dominant in every space and the large windows every space is bathed with light. Neutral tones are paired with dashes of color, such as rages, pillows and lights. Corners featured with warm green tones and earthy materials -such as the oak hardwood flooring- are combined with modern details. The look is layered, joyously colorful and daring.

The architects’ vision of the project was a spacious totality composed by open sub-spaces that share light and aesthetics, while the big variety and gentle contrasts in textures and finishes enhance the everyday domestic experience. Based on a palette of white and green, the walls and ceiling work as a neutral canvas where oak, metal and textiles alternate and create spaces with multiple qualities.

The space is designed with emphasis on the details. Many elements are custom made and designed especially for this project. Both ceiling lights in the living room are unique, made by metal and leather with curved and strict lines, design that goes back to the essential to create a light sculpture. Another piece designed by the studio is the buffet furniture in the living room, made out of wood and metal, with clean lines and modern references.

Project Info
Architecture Studio: Amalgama-Architects (Angeliki Avdi, Elina Mitsi)
Location: Ioannina, Greece
Completion Time: 2015
Area: 110 m2
Photography: NIPO


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