Paragogos project

The Chic Nostalgia of a Neoclassical Athenian Building.Located on the ground-floor of a neoclassical historic building in the heart of Athens, Paragogos is an exploration journey on flavors and senses.  Built by the German architect Ernst Ziller in the 19thcentury for a wealthy family of the time, the imposing building merges the typical Greek architectural and structural elements with the lavishness of the Renaissance in a style that came to characterize the entire city of Athens. Having in mind the unique history and architecture of the building, amalgama-architects -the architecture studio that undertook the project- aimed to create a sophisticated space that will reflect the aesthetics of the past, through a filter of modern elegance and nostalgic feel.

"We did not want another contemporary industrial interior," the architects say. "On the contrary, we aimed for something that will withstand time and honour the history and architecture of the building."

Stepping into the store, the customers are welcomed to indulge their senses in an utterly charming setting. The space as a whole exudes an air of imposing elegance. The high ceiling with the delicate embellishments is influenced by the neoclassical aesthetics of the building. The four spherical-brass lights, suspended from the rosettes, have references to the lights of the old Athenian arcades.  Τhe use of white marble on the floor, the dark wooden furniture and  the brass details on the lights are bound together in an eclectic way, creating a scenery of a chic nostalgia. 

The main goal was to create a space that would blend multiple qualities in a harmonious way. The soft olive green pastel tones on the walls add a depth and richness to the overall design.  Details such as the décor elements on the ceiling and the walls, which bring to mind an old Neoclassical living-room with Renaissance influences; the custom-made paintings on the walls; the tile with the retro pattern that covers the coffee-bar area and the oven façade; they all create an environment that tempts outside passerby to come in!

“We wanted to create a timeless link between the past the present and the future by means of creating an experience people would love to repeat, a space they would love to come back to. After all, this is what Athens is all about, moving ahead without forgetting the past…”

Project Info
Design Studio: amalgama-architects
Location: 6 Panepistimiou str., Athens, Greece
Project Name: Paragogos
Area: 80 m2
Completion Time: 2017
Photography: Yannis Zindrilis


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